Naked and Afraid Wedding

If you love weddings and trashy reality TV and friendships, this is the episode for you. Not only do Sheila and I talk about our own glorious weddings, but the most recent one Jen went to for one of her Team USA buddies in New York. So, if you too want to make or see what Naked and Afraid fascinators look like, please scroll down. While these babies are not hard to make, they do take some time. I just thought of how to do these with my years of crafting knowledge, but there are tons of tutorials online for those who want a little more structure.

Here’s me making some:


Here’s a beautiful Manhattan with chocolate bitters that I told a bartender to make on vacation since Sheila told me that makes them more delicious.


And here are Jason and Jemaine riding the subway as they plan their buddy flick.

IMG_0555 2

Also, here is the link to find out what your own Naked and Afraid PSR is! Mine was a 9. For reals. I bet Sheila’s is a 10. Cause she’s that good. She would make a durable dress out of palm leaves in 10 minutes.

One thought on “Naked and Afraid Wedding

  1. For the record, I scored a 9 on the PSR quiz. I CAN make an outfit out of animal and plant materials, but I hate eating outside so this would be my downfall!


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