Stitch and Pitch Your Heart Out

Hello All!

Welcome to the episode all about our own Mariner’s Stitch and Pitch. Sure, we never technically mentioned a celebrity, but we were just too excited to talk about all the fun we had at the game, that we didn’t really need to. Down below you will see some wonderful shots of my bat coozie, our hatchos, and the wonderful poopicorn. Yes, I attached directions on how to make it. And yes, it is a crazy concoction that I believe no one will try to recreate!

Here are the links we promised as well:

Oink Pigments – totally buy their stuff! It’s amazing, and what the poopicorn is made out of.

Makers’ Mercantile – because those people will host us one day! Well, fingers crossed….

Ridgecrest Public House – for those who like to drink and craft at the same time. They’re yarn friendly, so go visit them!

And here’s the Poopicorn! The magic that comes after eating a hat full of nachos…..

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