Almonds and magnets anyone?

First, this episode is dedicated to the lovelies at Call Your Girlfriend who hosted a live show here in Seattle recently. I’ve been a big fan for years now. I bled for Amina. I bought all the swag. I subscribe to The Bleed. I thought about making a SquareSpace page.  (Good job, Gina!) Hardcore. Fan.

Jen and I went to The Neptune here in Seattle to bathe in their greatness. We had a terrible drink and a fascinating experience with a bartender. Things were going great. (I mean once we got our drinks fixed…)

But, then, special guest. None other than the AMAZING IJEOMA OLUO. Jesus. First of all, every word she spoke was liquid gold, and second of all-she’s lit from within y’all. We’re working up an episode *just* about her.

Since I already bought all the CYG merch, Jen decided to make me EXTRA. These ladies now have a special place on my fridge and I look at them every morning when I’m reaching in for my breakfast of a handful of blueberries. Jen’s magical, guys. I think she pilfered through her recycling bin and made me something out of this world. For instruction on how to create your own, check out these instructions.

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