Boobs as distraction?

Howdy crafty friends. We’re in the beginning weeks of COVID-19! You know both Jen and I work in Mental Health as Social Workers, so in our day jobs we’re managing a lot of anxiety in our patients, ourselves, our families and community. I’ve been managing my anxiety by crafting every spare second I’m not working (or drinking unless I can both craft and drink).

We’re both of an age where we need routine screening for breast cancer, so this year we both decided to craft away that anxiety!

I decided to torture my ultrasound tech by making her hold my crafted boob for pictures. I hope she’s found a good use for it! Jen wants her boob to be used as a pin cushion but I can’t make myself use it for that reason, it’s so cute!! AND, for extra measure, I’m including a picture of a neat-o mug I saw at an auction recently that some crafter made!

Knitted Knockers is the organization that releases the pattern for the boob I knit to give to survivors of mastectomy to use as a bra filler. If you’d like to knit your own and send them their way, I’m sure they’d appreciate it!

And, remember! Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE.

One thought on “Boobs as distraction?

  1. Thanks S for the shout out! Did you get your mammogram? I would not bring a celebrity with me because I am the celebrity in that room! I’m like your co host, Jen, cracking jokes the whole time.


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