Je t’aime Ester!

For this podcast, we are highlighting our love for one amazing woman and therapist named Ester Peril. Talk about a celebrity in the helping profession!

Here is her website in case you want to look at any of her publications, trainings and all things Ester. She also does her own amazing podcast called Where Should We Begin? which you can find wherever you plug into podcast.

As talked about in our ramblings I’d love to be Ester, here is the star necklace we made in her honor. It’s a bit of rose gold with a sassy star of graphite. Boom. Keep on shining Ester, and being a shining light to all.

Stick that on yer embroidery wall….


Hello all! Everyone’s got a phrase they want to embroider and put on their wall. Never trust a big butt and a smile. I wouldn’t need a man if he had a gold ass and I could chip off a piece every day. Social workers get paid well. The list goes on and on. Here’s my latest one that I created for a friend at her new job.


As promised in our most recent podcast, here is the link to Junebug and Darlin’. Zoe is amazing and a true fanny pack wearing kindred spirit. Seriously, check it out and buy tons of stuff. It’s amazing!


Stitch and Pitch Your Heart Out

Hello All!

Welcome to the episode all about our own Mariner’s Stitch and Pitch. Sure, we never technically mentioned a celebrity, but we were just too excited to talk about all the fun we had at the game, that we didn’t really need to. Down below you will see some wonderful shots of my bat coozie, our hatchos, and the wonderful poopicorn. Yes, I attached directions on how to make it. And yes, it is a crazy concoction that I believe no one will try to recreate!

Here are the links we promised as well:

Oink Pigments – totally buy their stuff! It’s amazing, and what the poopicorn is made out of.

Makers’ Mercantile – because those people will host us one day! Well, fingers crossed….

Ridgecrest Public House – for those who like to drink and craft at the same time. They’re yarn friendly, so go visit them!

And here’s the Poopicorn! The magic that comes after eating a hat full of nachos…..

The Patron Saint of Crafting.


I don’t know who your crafting heroes are, but for me, it’s always been Amy Sedaris. Once she outed herself as a craft goddess, I committed to be ALL IN. In my weakest moments in my craft spaces (usually involving tension on my sewing machine), I’ve needed inspiration to keep going. Hence:


I mean, anyone can overcome any craft catastrophe with this face looking at you.


Also in this episode: A cry into the void about our lack of a Jimmy Buffet Margarita Machine.

Naked and Afraid Wedding

If you love weddings and trashy reality TV and friendships, this is the episode for you. Not only do Sheila and I talk about our own glorious weddings, but the most recent one Jen went to for one of her Team USA buddies in New York. So, if you too want to make or see what Naked and Afraid fascinators look like, please scroll down. While these babies are not hard to make, they do take some time. I just thought of how to do these with my years of crafting knowledge, but there are tons of tutorials online for those who want a little more structure.

Here’s me making some:


Here’s a beautiful Manhattan with chocolate bitters that I told a bartender to make on vacation since Sheila told me that makes them more delicious.


And here are Jason and Jemaine riding the subway as they plan their buddy flick.

IMG_0555 2

Also, here is the link to find out what your own Naked and Afraid PSR is! Mine was a 9. For reals. I bet Sheila’s is a 10. Cause she’s that good. She would make a durable dress out of palm leaves in 10 minutes.

Who ya gonna call?

Well, first things first. We got a new logo. You’ve seen it, right? It’s amazing! This episode is in honor of Podcast friend, Jenny Begin. Jenny’s work is amazing, and you can visit her here if you’re looking for an awesome Graphic Designer. Or, if you just want to tell her you saw her work here and you LOVED it as much as we do.

Jen was going to do templates for the glorious key chains of our favorite lady Ghostbusters, but alas, life happened. She made these “feasts for the eyes” on a plane and forgot to do a template. And let’s face it, you could probably do better anyways. Look how pretty these talented ladies look in a key bowl! Crafting makes me feel good!!!!!

Here’s a link to the drink we made for this episode, we dubbed it “The Annie Potts”.