Did someone mention rollerskating? And a birthday?

Hello all,

This episode centers around a rollerskating birthday party. Yep. It’s real. Especially for people turning 40 like our wonderful, talented, and amazing friend Kate. I know you wish you could have been there. But you too at home can create your very own leg warmers to match whatever magical outfit you choose to wear at your next rollerskating birthday party. They are a quick knit and totally worth it!

Here is a picture of Kate’s gorgeous gam covers. I made up my own pattern by by morphing a couple of free ones online. If you are a person that needs a pattern, here’s a link to a pattern that is similar. I recommend using bulky yarn and size 13 needles cause they knit up quick that way.


And one of the three tiered cake I made. Cause Funfetti!!!

Stitches Get Sh!t Done Podcast-Introductions!

It’s the first, so you should probably listen.

As promised, here is our video. It’s a treat, to say the least. Jason and Jemaine, we are just waiting to hear from you so we can get this production underway!