Tattoo? Yes please!

Hello faithful 10 listeners!

Thanks for being patient with us as we are figuring out some technical difficulties on our end uploading some gems of a podcast. This week we talk about tattoos. Because we simply love them. Who doesn’t love a great peace of art that means something on your body? And being with people while getting tattooed? Stuff dreams are made of people.

Here are links to our favorite tattoo artists that we mention in this episode:

Morgan Dana, Two Birds Tattoo

Heidi Scheck, Moonlight Tattoo

Darcy Nutt, Chalice Tattoo Studio

Here is a downloadable PDF to give to your tattoo artist as a thank you for their time and creative energy.

Also, if you think the drink we’re drinking sounds good, here’s where Sheila found the recipe!

We’re outta here stitches….

This week we discussed what bands we would want at our goodbye party for our jobs. Cause every social worker dreams about rage quitting at least once a week. And want to have money to throw themselves a party as they leave. Because, let’s face it, we are sick of potlucks. That’s just how we do things in this overworked and under paid field. Of course, Jen couldn’t pick just one, she had to pick an opener. Here’s the our goodbye poster, enjoy!!!!!!

Headband of the Day

Date Caramels!

Do you have craft fails? Are they spectacular? Do they make you miss Regretsy? Because this one was a total failure for me.

First, both Jen and I confess that neither of us can actually wear headbands. I mean, that should have been a clue to myself that this one was going to be a NO GO. I did my research. I looked on Pinterest for ideas about how I could make the perfect headband that would fit my weird head. I bought my materials. I trialed and error-ed. I bought a headband at Target that I thought might stay on my head and if it did, I’d try to reconstruct it. I’m not going to show you my failure, I’m not that vulnerable.

Well, fuck all that shit. This head can’t handle a headband. Ponytails for life!

Project Love Letter

Project Love Letter

Hey ya’ll! If you listened to our introduction episode, you heard us talking about a little movie we made starring our celebrity loves, Jemaine Clement and Jason Schwartzman. Check out the link to view what might be the best love letter we’ve ever written! Special thanks to our friends Kate (the voice of Jason!) and Ann (who built our set!) for helping us out.

Stitches Get Sh!t Done Podcast-Introductions!

It’s the first, so you should probably listen.

As promised, here is our video. It’s a treat, to say the least. Jason and Jemaine, we are just waiting to hear from you so we can get this production underway!